When will I get my documents?

You will receive your policy documents (upon receipt of the requested items) within 24-48 hours by email and within 7-10 working days if posted. If you do not receive your documents via email or post please let us know.

Do I get a certificate?

You receive a schedule of insurance with household cover which is your policy document. It is common for this schedule to include details your cover, inception date, excess to pay and any endorsements which apply to your policy.

How do I calculate my rebuild value?

You can access a website called the BCIS re-build guide which uses measurements of your property to assist you, however a lot of our insurers will now give you set cover so you don't need to worry about calculating it yourself.

Can I cover my laptop and mobile phone?

Yes, when it is within the home it is covered. The important thing about these items is that you are only covered for the phone handset not the data or the sim card and not the computer software on the laptop.

When will the money come out of my account?

We debit the money from you at the point of purchase so that we can get all of your documents to you along with a receipt of payment.

What is the difference between accidental damage and standard cover?

Accidental damage cover will extend to cover damage that you or your family could cause to your buildings and/or contents. Under the standard buildings cover you will automatically be covered for accidental damage to fixed glass and sanitary fixtures. Our standard contents cover protects your TV, Hi-Fi or audio equipment against accidental damage.

Why do I need legal cover?

Our Family Legal Policy covers you and any permanent family member living with you for any legal dispute with a neighbour, contractual dispute at work and general legal advice that you may need.

Why do I need key care cover when my home covers it?

Key Back will cover you up to £1500 when the fob provided is attached to your keys. This allows you to cover all of your keys attached to the fob and not just your house keys. It's a completely separate policy with no excess to pay, so if you claim, it will not affect your home insurance premium.

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